Menstrual cups – Satisfyer Feel Good Purple

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Menstrual cups – Satisfyer Feel Good Purple 1 box x 2 pcs

Satisfyer Feel Good menstrual cups are a modern, eco-friendly and economical alternative to regular tampons and pads. These menstrual cups are made of high quality soft medical eco-friendly silicone, are easy to use, reusable, and offer hygienic protection for up to 12 hours. The menstrual cup forms a vacuum that prevents possible unpleasant odors, it collects the menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, thus the vagina will not dry out, which prevents damage to the vaginal flora.

The set contains two menstrual cups:

  • 1 menstrual cup of 15 ml;
  • 1 menstrual cup of 20 ml


  • Weight about 25 g;
  • Length approximately 64 – 68 mm;
  • Diameter approximately 38 – 41 mm;
  • Medical silicone;
  • Reusable;
  • Hygienic;
  • 15 year warranty.

How to use:

Before using the menstrual cup, you must sterilize it. Here’s how:

  • Wash your hands carefully,
  • Boil water and place the menstrual cup in the boiling water;
  • Remove the menstrual cup after about 3 minutes.

We recommend moistening the menstrual cup before insertion, using water or a water-based lubricant. This step is not mandatory, but it can be very helpful, especially if this is your first time using a menstrual cup.

Choose a comfortable position for insertion. You can try the “squatting” position, but there are other positions, such as sitting directly on the toilet bowl or standing with one leg raised on the tub or toilet bowl.

Fold the menstrual cup in one of two ways: in a “C” shape or by pressing the edges inward.

Part the labia and gradually insert the folded menstrual cup into the vagina. This will open as soon as it gets inside and will be ready to collect the menstrual flow.

Check that the menstrual cup has opened completely by gently pressing the edges and trying to rotate it a little.

It is recommended to remove the menstrual cup every 4-6 hours in case of very heavy menstrual flow or every 6-8 hours in case of heavy flow. With a normal flow, the cup can normally fill in 8-10 hours or even more, but it is recommended to remove the cup every 8 hours to avoid possible complications. After the first few uses, you will know how much menstrual fluid you lose each day and you can set your own cup emptying interval. In general, it is recommended not to keep the menstrual cup for more than 8 hours.

At first, removing the menstrual cup can be difficult because you are not used to it and the muscles can be tense, which can make inserting and removing more difficult. If you find yourself in this situation, try to relax to make the removal as easy as possible.

Here are the steps for removing the menstrual cup:

  • wash your hands well and find a comfortable position, possibly the same one you adopted for inserting the menstrual cup;
  • Grab the foot of the cup with two fingers and pull gently until you reach its base;
  • Press down on the base to deflate it, then carefully remove the menstrual cup, making a left-to-right motion and being careful not to spill the contents.






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