General aspects does not offer free returns for Customers/Users who notify their intention to withdraw from the Distance Contract.
Following the request received from the customer, the Company will send the courier to the address indicated by the Customer/User to pick up the return package, without thereby assuming the obligation to recover these products itself.

Methods and Terms for Returning Products

The Customer/User undertakes to notify of his intention to return the purchased Products, either by e-mail to the address, or by telephone at the telephone number 0721332333 within a maximum of 30 calendar days from the receipt of the Products . Otherwise, can refuse the parcel.
The necessary information that must be provided to for sending the courier is as follows:

  • date of dispatch of the parcel;
  • Order number;
  • the amount to be returned;
  • the address from where the Courier is to pick up the return package;
  • bank account details.

Upon receiving the information regarding the return intention of the Client/User, makes a request to the Courier and sends it to the address indicated by the Client/User, in order to pick up the parcel to be returned. The transport costs of the returned parcel/parcels are not the responsibility of, they will be assumed by the Customer/User

Conditions for returning products

In any situation of returning the Products, they must be in the same condition in which they were sent to the Customer/User, together with all the accessories and documents that accompanied the respective Product (i.e. invoice, warranty certificate, power cables, etc.) .
The products must be returned in the same condition in which they were received by the Customer/User, i.e. without defects (with the exception of hidden defects and except for defects already previously reported by the Customer/User in correspondence with the customer relations department).
In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, reserves the right not to accept the return of the following products:

  • likely to deteriorate or expire quickly;
  • sealed, which cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the consumer (i.e. products from the categories penis enlargement creams, creams, gels, drops, perfumes, stimulants, aphrodisiacs, etc.) ;
  • which, after delivery, according to their nature, are inseparably mixed with other such elements;
  • which do not have a sprayer, from the Perfumes category;
    for food use.

On each Product page there is information regarding the possibility of it being returned by the Customer/User. Products that constitute a set must be returned as a set.
If an Order, in which one or more Gift Products were offered, is returned in full, the Customer/User is obliged to return the Gift Product in its original condition, respectively undamaged and with sealed packaging. The conditions of the Promotional Campaigns carried out by are presented in the Terms and Conditions section. In the event that the Gift Product is not returned, the value of the return will be reduced accordingly by the value of the Gift Product.

The Customer/User can return the Products within 14 calendar days from the moment they were delivered to him by courier. In this regard, the Customer/User is obliged to complete the return form and send  it no later than the 14th calendar day from the date of delivery by the Courier. Requests made after the deadline indicated above will not have any legal effect.
All products returned by the Customer/User must be in the same condition in which they were received, accompanied by the original, intact labels, the original warranty certificate, as applicable, as well as all other documents that accompanied the Product delivered.
If the Customer/User has purchased several products of the same kind and chooses to return them all, only one of the Products can be unsealed. does not accept returns regarding Products that have at least one of the following characteristics:

  • unauthorized interventions have been carried out on the Product;
  • have damaged or incomplete packaging;
  • have signs of wear or excessive use;
  • have scratches, chips, tears, dents or signs of exposure to mechanical/electrical shocks;
  • they do not have all the accessories received in the package in which they were delivered;
  • The product was part of a special order (the special order is that which concerns a product that is not part of the usual stock of the Supplier, but which can be delivered on the basis of a firm order and the payment of an advance by the Customer/User;
  • meet one of the specific conditions, depending on the type of product.

Return terms and conditions will accept as return products that:

  • they are in the original packaging (unopened) and are not damaged or show signs of wear, respectively in the condition in which they were delivered to the Customer; will reimburse the value of the previously mentioned goods, in the following way:

  • If the products are not used and are in the original packaging, as provided in the section above, the return can be made within 14 days from the date on which the goods were purchased.
  • Products can only be returned in their original, unused, sealed packaging. In case of incomplete return of the products purchased at the offer (example: 4+1 free), the offer loses its validity and the customer will be refunded the amount of money paid, from which:

– the value of the boxes consumed at their full price;

-transport tax.

In the case of the other products, similarly the amount of money paid will be returned to the customer, from which are deducted:

– transport tax

– handling fee. will not refund the value of the following products:

Sex machine, vibrator, dildo, strap-on, vaginal balls, anal balls, vibrating eggs, penis sleeves, penis rings, inflatable/realistic dolls, vaginas, vacuum pumps, water-based penis pumps, condoms, fetish underwear- sm, whips, ties, watering cans, – considering the provisions of art. 16 lit. e) from Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, for health protection and hygiene reasons, if the product packaging is missing and the products show signs of wear/use/damage, they will not be reimbursed.
Textiles (Bikini and bra sets, bikinis, boxers, tops, corsets, babydolls, catsuits, bodysuits, skirts, dresses, suits, stockings, various accessories that come into contact with the fabric, etc.) – considering the provisions of art. 16 lit. e) from Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding the rights of consumers in contracts concluded with professionals, for health protection and hygiene reasons, if the product packaging is missing and the products show signs of wear/use/damage, they will not be able to be reimbursed.

Reimbursement of costs incurred by the Customer/User in connection with the purchase of returned Products

For returns fully accepted by, the Customer/User will be reimbursed, within 14 calendar days from the date on which is informed by the Customer/User of his decision to return the Products, the price of the returned products, as well as the cost of transport paid initially/on return. The exception is orders made based on a voucher, for which the user will receive another discount code with the same value. If the value of the customer’s order exceeded the value of the voucher, the difference will be returned to the customer.
The amounts in question will be returned as follows:
for Orders paid by online card, by refund to the account from which the payment was made;
for Orders paid /by cash on delivery/ Bank card, by bank transfer.

Product warranty

The guarantee represents any commitment assumed by the Seller towards the Customer/User by which he undertakes to return to the Customer/User, without requesting any additional costs, the Price paid, the repair price or the replacement price of the Product, if it does not correspond to the conditions stated in the net .ro or in the declaration of conformity of the Product.

Products displayed on may be subject to the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty. The detailed terms and conditions of the warranty, as well as its duration, are presented on the warranty document issued by the manufacturer or distributor and which accompanies the Product, as the case may be.

The product is guaranteed under the following conditions:

  • The Customer/User purchased the Product from;
  • The Customer/User has complied with the instructions for use and maintenance of the Product, it being used according to the instructions imposed by the manufacturer or distributor.

Causes of loss of warranty:

  • breakdowns/mechanical damage to the Product, excessive exposure to solar radiation of the Product or unauthorized physical modifications to it;
  • the failure of the Product, caused by non-compliance with the instructions for its use, maintenance, transport, handling and installation, provided in the user manual;
  • mechanical damage caused by hitting the Product or damage to the marking with its model and series;
  • flooding, burning, exposure to the sun or electric shocks of the Product, improper modifications or installations, unauthorized interventions;
  • the destruction of the internal circuits of the product, generated by the shocks resulting from its improper handling. does not offer a commercial guarantee for the Products delivered to Customers/Users

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